Developing an AWP Organization

What’s Your AWP Playbook?

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The AWP Conference Advisory Board came together over the course of several weeks to brainstorm and develop a plenary program that addresses the current state of AWP in the North American construction industry. No longer are we at the awareness phase; rather, industry leaders are applying lessons learned through AWP implementation and are refining and expanding their AWP systems to a greater variety of projects and integrating AWP into the organization. AWP holds the greatest potential for organizations that build it into their corporate culture; for that reason, the AWP Conference and the AWP Conference Advisory Board are asking you: in the era of the AWP organization, what's your AWP Playbook? 

Over the course of two days, we will explore this wide-reaching topic through 7 plenary presentations and panel discussions featuring an array of subject matter experts and though leaders representing organizations that are actively exploring and implementing AWP at varying levels of maturity. We will also receive an industry update from CII and COAA - the organizations responsible for this game-changing project performance best practice, and will learn all about the latest AWP initiative focused on AWP scalability, a COAA project that is promising to unlock AWP for a wider range of projects (in particular those projects valued at $100 million and under). 

By the end of this conference, you will have a clear sense of where AWP is in 2018, where it's going, and how's going to continue to change the way projects are planned and executed in North America and worldwide. Perhaps more importantly, you will walk away with empowering knowledge that can help you improve upon - or begin to develop - your AWP playbook.


CII / COAA Update Panel

October 2  •  9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


  • Kim Allen (CII Associate Director for Sector Leadership and Communities for Business Advancement)

  • William O'Brien (Professor, Dept. of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin)

  • Glen Warren (Co-Chair; COAA Advanced Work Packaging Committee)

  • Yogesh Srivastava (Co-Chair; COAA Advanced Work Packaging Committee)

The AWP Conference is rooted in the best practices and body of knowledge of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning - initiatives developed by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA). For this reason, we open the conference each year with a featured presentation and panel discussion from CII and COAA to update industry on recent and upcoming developments from each organization.

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COAA's Scalable AWP Model

October 2  •  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  • Lloyd Rankin (Chair, COAA AWP Scalability Project; Group ASI)

  • Jeremy Furzer (Chair of Owners' Working Group; Enbridge)

  • Kirk Harris (Chair of Front-End Construction Working Group; Black & Veatch)

  • Randy Friesen (Chair of EPC Working Group; Fluor)

  • Ben Swan (Chair of WorkFace Planning Working Group; Element Industrial)

After over two years of study, the COAA AWP Scalability Project Steering Committee / leaders of the project's working groups will be presenting their findings and releasing the Scalable AWP report to industry. The AWP Conference attendees get the first look at the documentation and tools being made available through the hard work of the 40-member roster of industry subject matter experts representing all major stakeholder groups in leading organizations across North America. This report will have been reviewed by CII’s Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement (AWP CBA) team.


Changing the Culture

October 2  •  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


  • Jamie Gerbrecht (Global Technology Sponsor - Construction; ExxonMobil)

  • Donald Lohrmann (Construction Manager; DTE Energy)

  • Fernando Espana (President; Construct-X)


  • Keith Letsos (Construction Manager; WorleyParsons)

When an organization-wide AWP initiative is introduced, some of the major questions that arise within the key stakeholder groups are “where is the organization going, and how can AWP help get us there?”, “how different is AWP to what we’ve been doing?”, and “what’s the big picture – what does AWP mean for the organization?”. This presentation will dive into the complex topic of organizational culture change for corporate and project AWP implementation. We will discuss some of the key factors influencing the response to AWP and we will look at what AWP can mean for an organization from a macro and micro perspective. Topics covered in this presentation may include (but will not necessarily be limited to): construction / front-line supervision, strategic direction, definition and alignment, developing and rewarding required roles, identifying gaps in the current state of the organization and identifying the organization’s ideal future state (with a go-forward plan), processes to drive cultural change (procedures and programs that people can actually understand), and the support structures required to make it all work.


AWP Technology Experts

October 2  •  4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


  • Subject matter experts representing the following global technology providers:

    • Autodesk (Cody Austin, Technical Solutions Executive)

    • CCT International (Chehade Kassouf, AWP Consulting Services Manager)

    • Hexagon (Michael Buss, SVP Global Business Development)

    • O3 Solution (Josh Girvin, CEO)


  • Shell UK (Martin Swaine, 4D5D Global Delivery Manager, Design & Digitisation)

Another pillar of AWP Conference programming is the annual AWP Technology Experts Panel. This is always a well-received and thought-provoking topic, as no AWP initiatives (nor any modern construction projects) can be carried out effectively and efficiently without the use of hardware and software technologies that support and enhance the activities of the people that plan and execute the work. The companies you will hear from on this panel are global providers of tools and services that can applied to AWP projects. The discussion will be facilitated by a representative of a Shell UK with a high degree of domain expertise in both AWP and the technologies that support it. This is sure to be an engaging presentation on topics central to AWP technologies, and is a great opportunity for you to seek answers to questions you may have about technology implementation on your own projects.


Procurement in an AWP Environment

October 3  •  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


  • Bobby Patterson (ZII AWP Operations Manager; Zachry Group)

  • Brian Vogel (Project Engineering Manager, Dow Chemical Company)

  • Allan To (Director of Engineering, Construction and Offshore; Suncor Energy)


  • Lloyd Rankin (President and Senior AWP Consultant; Group ASI)

A major pain point around AWP implementation in industry is the change required to the procurement process. It is not effective to attempt to do procurement activities in the traditional way while also attempting to achieve success in an AWP environment. In this presentation, we will focus on the front-end changes to project planning and the ways in which procurement should be structured so that the Procurement Work Processes (PWPs) can support the Construction Work Packages (CWPs) and the ways in which material management can be handled to best support the Installation Work Packages (IWPs). We will examine some of the disconnects that sever the integration between materials and construction, making it difficult to for procurement to support AWP, and we will look at procurement’s role in a fully-aligned AWP system / organization. It is important to note that procurement concepts go beyond material management, and this panel presentation will address that.


Creating Your Own AWP Playbook

October 3  •  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Justin Weaver (Project Manager; Southern Company)

  • John Coombs (Project Director; Dow Chemical Company)

  • Dr. Amr El-Sersy (Group Manager, Learning & Innovation, Consolidated Contractors Company [CCC])


  • Glen Warren (Chair, Advanced Work Packaging Committee; Construction Owners Association of Alberta)

Companies experienced in Advanced Work Packaging implementation - both owners and EPCs - will talk about their own AWP programs to help give new entrants an idea of how to walk away and build their own AWP playbook.  In an inclusive format, they will discuss how their respective playbooks address people, process, technology, desired outcomes, typical barriers, and other lessons learned.


Measuring AWP Success

October 3  •  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


  • Jay Moser (PTE Construction, Shell Projects & Technology)

  • Mark Lambert (WWE&C Construction Management; Eastman Chemical Company)

  • Antonio Romero-Monteiro (General Manager of Solutions & Technology, Construction Maintenance and Turnaround, Jacobs)


  • Chris Tisdel (President & CEO, Ruckus Innovation Consulting)

Effective implementation of Advanced Work Packaging can significantly enhance project performance, but how do we know what successful implementation looks like? What metrics should we look at, and how can we use that data to help us remain effective in our implementation of AWP and thus competitive in the marketplace? What are other companies watching in terms of their metrics, and how are they using data to adjust their approach? In this presentation, we will dive into the topic of measuring AWP success, with a look at how organizations can better understand how mature their AWP systems are and how well they are performing AWP on projects.