The Breakout Program

Take in your choice of 20 sessions in our themed breakout tracks. Each session is one-hour long and features sponsored speakers and or invited guest presenters. The breakout tracks for 2018 are as follows:

Owners & Contractors

AWP implementation experts using CII / COAA best practices on real projects.


Implementation Support

Organizations that provide support to AWP implementers worldwide.


Technology Experts

Some of the foremost providers of technology that enhances AWP activities.


Best Practices

Special topics focused on CII and COAA initiatives and/or owner feature presentations.


What's on The Menu?

Here you will find some high-level information about the selection of breakout sessions for 2018, as it becomes available. More detail (including speaker biographies) will be available on our mobile app, which will be available a little closer to the conference date. You can also view the calendar at-a-glance for quick reference to the who, what, where and when of the AWP Conference.

October 2

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Owners & Contractors

  • Black & Veatch presents: The Path to Our AWP Playbook

    Navigation of the AWP Practices/Principles through a large EPC organization is reviewed in familiar AWP terms such as:  View of AWP / Organizational Change, Work Processes and Deliverables, Training, and Project Implementation Strategy.  The discussion includes key milestones along the journey in addition to highlights of the Black & Veatch AWP Playbook.


    • Reggie Hoog, Power and Oil & Gas Civil/Structural Chief Engineer and AWP Multidiscipline Engineering Manager, Black & Veatch

    • Michael King, Project Manager, Black & Veatch

Implementation Support

  • Group ASI presents: Creating an AWP-centric Organization

    Group ASI, an AWP implementation support expert which consults with major owner and contractor companies on project and organization-wide AWP, provides advice on creating an AWP-centric organization, with a discussion on how the AWP Conferences can be part of your overall strategy.

    Featuring: Lloyd Rankin, President and Senior AWP Consultant, Group ASI

Technology Experts

  • Autodesk presents: Autodesk Construction Technology and Scalable AWP

    Scalable AWP projects require a different technical methodology. Join Autodesk (and KBR) in this session to look at the application of Autodesk technology to the COAA scalable AWP model. In this session, we will present the Autodesk AWP vision, demonstrate scalable AWP and show how Autodesk extends the value of traditional AWP products, and we will introduce Assemble Systems, an Autodesk company.


    • Cody Austin, Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk

    • Chris McDowra, KBR

Best Practices & Special Topics

  • The CII CBA presents: Education & Certification

    It’s time to ramp things up! Education is a leading indicator of success in AWP. Participate in this interactive panel session to learn and discuss what the CII AWP CBA Education & Outreach Subcommittee plans to drive the effective and rapid adoption AWP and how your organization can get involved.


    • (Moderator) Eric Crivella, CII AWP CBA Chair

    • (Panelists) Members of CII AWP CBA

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Owners & Contractors

  • Fluor presents: A one-hour breakout session - details to be announced shortly.

Implementation Support

  • Construct-X presents: Next-Gen Work Packs:  Delivering IWP Production Flexibility

    One size does NOT fit all when it comes to developing work packages. This session will explore how “Next-Gen Work Packs” accommodate the varying needs of project teams, across multiple project sizes and disciplines, in ways that classic workface planning techniques do not adequately address.  Offering configurable, fit-for-purpose templates and the ability to work independently in both non-software and software-enabled environments, Next-Gen Work Packs enable increased collaboration across AWP production efforts, helping project teams get greater value from their AWP programs.

    Featuring:  Robin Mikaelsson, Principal, Construct-X

Technology Experts

  • iConstruct presents: Implementation of a Digital 3D-based Inspection Management Solution on a Major LNG Facility

    The session with provide insight on successful implementation and scale out on a 3D based Inspection Management on Woodside’s Karratha Gas Plant, a major LNG Hub on Australia’s North West Shelf.  The solution provides a powerful integrated 3D and VR based Inspection workface planning and mobile execution solution that empowers field-based teams on the ground (and hanging in the air).

    Featuring: Carl Faulkner, Client Success Manager, APAC

Best Practices & Special Topics

  • The CII CBA presents: AWP Contract Language

    Contract language guides and drives behavioral change in our industry. Make plans in advance to join AWP CBA member panelists in an interactive panel discussion the many dimensions and considerations for contract language.


    • (Moderator) William O’Brien, CII AWP CBA Academic Chair

    • (Panelists) Members of CII AWP CBA

October 3

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Owners & Contractors

  • Jacobs Presents: :  J-AWP Implementation Timeline & Methodology

    The AWP methodology is composed of multiple packaging elements; ranging from EWPs, PWPs, CWPs, and IWPs.  The success and benefits of AWP are heavily influenced by the selection and the implementation timing of the different packaging elements.  In this session, Jacobs will discuss the selection process of the different package elements, their optimal implementation timeline through an E-P-C life cycle, and their interrelationships in realizing the maximum AWP benefit.

    Featuring: Antonio Romero-Monteiro, General Manager of Solutions & Technology CMT

Implementation Support

  • BrandSafway presents: Our Journey of AWP/WFP for Access/Scaffold Services.

    This session will describe from the access provider’s point of view how we have successfully implemented WFP concepts on client projects, leveraged our approach to the AWP environment and delivered substantial safety, quality, cost and schedule improvements for our clients and their broader access/scaffold stakeholders on projects. We will detail our methodology, tools, challenges and results on a variety of client projects.

    Featuring: Rick Dunlap, VP Technical Services, BrandSafway

Technology Experts

  • Bentley Systems presents: AWP via ConstructSim and Synchro

    The implementation of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) in megaprojects requires sophisticated measures and technology to handle the various stages of the program. This presentation will demonstrate how automation and innovative techniques can enhance the AWP implementation and the user experience: Starting with the validation of the path of construction, continuing with the creation and management of thousands of various packages along their constraints and finishing off by collecting the progress from the field through the MS HoloLens.

    Featuring: Abdelghani Sinno, Sr. Construction Consultant - Application Engineer, Bentley Systems

Best Practices & Special Topics

  • COAA presents: Scalable Advanced Work Packaging

    In this breakout session, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the interpretation and practical application of the COAA Scalable AWP model, and will have an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about the tools and documents published by the project team. This is also a great time to ask questions about the project and about AWP scalability in general.

    Featuring The COAA AWP Scalability Project Steering Committee:

    • Lloyd Rankin, President and Senior AWP Consultant, Group ASI

    • Randy Friesen, Project Engineering Manager, Fluor

    • Jeremy Furzer, Senior Manager, Construction Services, Enbridge

    • Kirk Harris, Director of Key Initiatives, VP Power, Black & Veatch

    • Ben Swan, Co-founder, Element Industrial

    • Ryan Posnikoff, Director, Construction Academy, Bentley Systems

10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Owners & Contractors

  • Cajun Industries presents: AWP Implementation from an EPC Perspective

    Cajun’s evolution from a top-tier construction company to an EPC provider utilizing AWP.

    Featuring: Wayne Creel, PE, President, Cajun Industries

Implementation Support

  • O3 Solution presents: Delivering Scalable AWP in Operating Facilities

    AWP has made big splashes with mega projects, yet the majority of project work happens in small capital projects at operating facilities. This session will demonstrate how leading owners and contractors are adopting and scaling AWP at operating facilities on projects ranging from $2M to $200M. O3 helps drive the adoption of AWP on these projects from a site portfolio management perspective.

    Featuring: Josh Girvin, CEO, O3 Solution

Technology Experts

  • CCT International presents: Adding Intelligence to AWP

    Often AWP is implemented by contractors based on a mandate by the owner which is driven to satisfy owner requirements while disregarding vital construction basics.

    In this session, we will address some real-life lessons learned and how CCT is addressing those lessons by adding intelligence into C3D for AWP, CCT’s flagship IWP management solution. We will also see how WorkFace Teams can know prior to, as well as during execution, if an IWP is constructible, the efficiency of the construction, daily coordination constraints, means to mitigate and other vital information. 

    Featuring: Chehade Kassouf, AWP Consulting Services Manager for CCT International.

Best Practices & Special Topics

  • COAA presents: Resource Readiness for AWP

    In this breakout session, COAA AWP Committee chairs present a special topic: Resource Readiness for AWP. This session will focus on discussion of how to prepare the required engineering, procurement, equipment and labor resources / deliverables in an AWP environment.


    • Glen Warren, Co-chair, COAA AWP Committee

    • Yogesh Srivastava, Co-chair, COAA AWP Committee

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Owners & Contractors

  • Shell presents: Tiger (A04) AWP Implementation Case Study

    Learn about a large-scale AWP implementation on a major project by Shell.


    • Tjalling Terpstra, Project Director, Shell

    • Jimmy Richard, Construction Manager, Shell

    • Daniel Klick, Project Engineer, Shell

Implementation Support

  • Insight-AWP presents: The Rest of the Story, A Walk Through EWPs and PWPs

    Featuring: Geoff Ryan, Insight-AWP

Technology Experts

  • Hexagon PPM presents: Integration

    What is INTEGRATION? Getting EPC companies to recognize commissioning & completions resources are key to the success of a complete project to the client.

    When to INTEGRATE? Sooner rather than later! Throughout the complete life cycle of the project and beyond.

    How to INTEGRATE? Utilizing the Hexagon PPM suite of software solutions.

    Featuring: Mike Farrell, Senior Industry Consultant, Hexagon

Best Practices & Special Topics

  • COAA Presents: Mindfulness in AWP Execution for Increased Productivity


    • Narjis Shahzad, Director: Product Management, Managing Partner, Teknobuilt (representing COAA AWP Committee)

    • Yogesh Srivastava, Chair, COAA AWP Committee and Teknobuilt CEO