World-Class Content and Networking

Hundreds of construction industry professionals attend each year. Since 2009, over 1700 members of the global construction industry have attended the annual AWP Conference. Our audience represents some of the top minds applying AWP best practices at world-leading owner organizations and engineering, procurement and construction contracting firms, as well as the technology suppliers and service providers that support their projects.

Conference attendees consistently rate this conference highly for its top-notch programming, which features the best and brightest driving the AWP body of knowledge forward. Over two full days, you will enjoy high-powered main-stage presentations and keynote speeches and take in intimate, in-depth breakout sessions with industry experts making AWP happen on real projects. The conference is book-ended with cocktail receptions and punctuated by numerous networking opportunities in our integrated exhibition and tradeshow space, where all attendees, speakers and sponsors meet and share ideas as thought-leaders in the AWP domain. 


awp thought leadership on the main stage

Each year we present an outstanding lineup of great features on the main stage; through moderated panels, interactive discussion, keynote speeches, table talks and more, we address the year's themes and answer some of industry's burning questions.

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up close and personal in breakout sessions

With a selection of 20 engaging and thought-provoking sessions to choose from in our breakout program, our sponsored presenters and guest speakers help conference attendees find solutions to AWP priorities and challenges.

Our breakout program for 2018 is in development. Watch this space!


idea-sharing at Networking and tradeshow events

Direct feedback from high-profile owner and EPC sponsors tells us that the AWP Conference is viewed as a key event for AWP doers; here they seek partners they want to work with - knowledgeable professionals active in this domain.

Calendar of events coming soon. Click here for 2018 sponsor list.

How We Develop the Program


The AWP Conference is known as a key destination for usable information that is relevant, current, and highly applicable to real-world projects. The spirit of the conference and the overarching purpose of the program has always been to deliver an owner-driven event that encourages thoughtful discussion of the AWP body of knowledge, with the goal of advancing the adoption of AWP in industry and furthering the AWP model with a view toward better project performance around the world. Since 2009, the conference has welcomed many new and returning faces year upon year - so, how do we continue to offer a meaningful and impactful program?


For starters, Group ASI is an expert source for AWP knowledge. Our depth of experience experience as pioneers in AWP and our long-standing role as an implementation support providers to industry provides us with important insight into the needs of construction project owners and their partners, and helps us understand the direction that AWP is heading.


With that in mind, we engage our sponsors and an advisory board of AWP stakeholders from industry (representing owners and EPCs) to ensure that the right notes are being hit and that the overall themes, plenary presentations and breakout sessions always exceed the needs and expectations of our audience. Our 2017 Advisory Board included owner representatives BP, Dow Chemical, DTE Energy, ExxonMobil, LyondellBasell and Valero. EPC advisors included Fluor, Jacobs, JV Driver and KBR.

2018 Advisory Group Members

We would like to thank our AWP Conference Advisory Board (AWPC AB) for their generous support in time and energy for 2018. This year's AWPC AB includes representatives from the associations CII and COAA, the owner companies Dow Chemical Company, DTE Energy, Eastman Chemical, ExxonMobil, LyondellBasell, Shell, Southern Company and Suncor Energy, and the contractors Black & Veatch, Consolidated Contractors Company, Cajun Industries, Jacobs and Zachry Group. Our AWPC AB members provide valuable help in lending their expertise to the development of this unique event.


Conference Topic Areas

The following list is a sample of topic areas that may be covered in plenary presentations or breakout sessions at the annual AWP Conference. This is by now means a definitive or comprehensive list, but it should provide you with a sense of the type of content you can expect.


Owners have taken the reigns to drive the adoption of Advanced Work Packaging in their organizations and are working with their contractors to make it happen. Change is never easy, especially when implementing a process that impacts multiple disciplines and processes. 

  • Identifying Effective Sponsors / Champions
  • Driving Adoption at the Executive Level
  • Contracts Aren’t Enough – How Owners Should Drive Performance
  • Convincing Skeptics
  • Engaging Construction Early in the Process
  • Communication & Leadership; Leading from the Top
  • Creating Organizational Change Over Time
  • Tools that Support and Enhance AWP & WFP Initiatives


    Most disciplines have developed a process for executing their work steps. However, to achieve success in AWP, Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain Logistics and Construction must become aligned and support each other, rather than operate in silos. How do we find the right people for the job and what can we do to support better resource alignment?

    • Finding People with the Right AWP Experience
    • Preparing for the “True Planner Role”: Strategic Decision-making
    • Finding Contractors Familiar with AWP
    • The Talent Pool: Will Demand Outpace Available Resources?
    • Selecting the Right Project Manager / Project Executive
    • Aligning Stakeholder Groups Ahead of Contracts: Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain, Construction
    • Aligning Construction and Engineering on the Front-End to Reduce Start-up Issues
    • Tools / Services to Improve Resource Management and Communication


    Whether your organization has just started with AWP implementation or you are looking for ways to improve your current processes, there are some common implementation challenges. What are some concrete examples of how people, processes and technology have worked together to achieve results?

    • Implementing AWP? Where to Start
    • Identifying Important Milestones
    • When to Get Construction Involved
    • Risks Associated with Improper Implementation
    • Implementing on a Small Project or Part of a Larger Project
    • Determining Front-End Costs
    • How Much Development Work Should Be Done In-House?
    • Engagement Model – How Far Do You Go in The Plan?
    • Getting Contractors Up to Speed
    • Concrete Success Stories, Actual Benefits Achieved
    • Real Life Lessons-Learned
    • Tools / Services that Decrease the Resource Intensiveness


    As AWP moves from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ to be successful, the industry must continue to look for ways to improve. From contracting strategies to standardizing work processes, we must continue to learn from each implementation and document best practices for the next implementation. How can we learn and improve with each project? How are leading companies planning for the future?

    • Choosing The Right Contracting Model
    • How Owners Should Structure Contracts to Realize Savings
    • Sharing the Benefits of AWP with Contractors
    • Contracting: Clearly Articulating Requirements and Driving Accountability
    • AWP Aptitude Test: Confirming Level of AWP Experience Before Hiring Contractors
    • Enterprise Commitment: Implementing AWP Across Project Types, Sizes and Locations
    • Determining ROI for AWP
    • How to Standardize the Creation of Work Packages
    • Scalability: What Can Owners Learn from Contractors
    • Global Implementation: How Does AWP Implementation Change in Other Countries?
    • Tools / Services to Improve Contracting, Progressing and Automation