A Brief History of The Conference

Nine Years of AWP & WFP Thought Leadership

AWP Conference 2009

At the first COAA WFP Conference in 2009, we were “Making it Happen”. This conference was an important stepping stone in the understanding and acceptance of WorkFace Planning throughout the construction industry.  This was an opportunity to address industry concerns and questions to further address the benefits that can be received through WFP in the minds of owners, contractors, and engineers.

AWP Conference 2010

At the second COAA WFP Conference in 2010, we focused on “WorkFace Planning from Concept to Commissioning”, and conference events primarily addressed how the WorkFace Planning model – originally designed for the construction phase – was evolving to become applicable to all stages of the project lifecycle.

AWP Conference 2011

At the third COAA WFP Conference in 2011, the theme was “Creating a Foundation for Success”, and conference events provided in-depth views of the issues critical to successful implementation of WorkFace Planning, while expanding the WFP model. Discussions touched on the future of WorkFace Planning and improving the understanding of how this model fits within construction planning.

AWP Conference 2012

In 2012, an invite-only conference was held. At this event, a balanced group of representatives from owner companies, engineering firms, construction contractors and labour providers from Canada and the United States gathered to discuss the barriers to effective implementation of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning.

AWP Conference 2013

In 2013, the greater concept of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning was formally introduced to the Alberta audience, as well as to attendees from around the globe, and the big question of the days’ events addressed by the implementation and technology experts in our conference-wide presentations and breakout sessions was: AWP & WFP… are we there yet?

AWP Conference 2014

In 2014, we brought the very first AWP & WFP Conference to the Houston area. This was a North American first. We formally introduced the developing concepts of AWP & WFP to the United States construction industry. Experts in best practice development, AWP & WFP systems development and implementation, implementation support and technologies provided in-depth views of AWP & WFP. We revisited and revised the theme of 2010, giving attendees an opportunity to see how AWP & WFP works on projects from concept to commissioning.

AWP Conference 2015

In 2015, the AWP Conference returned to Houston, Texas at the JW Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The theme for 2015 was “why roll the dice when you can stack the deck?” inspired by the larger conversation of how to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

AWP Conference 2016

At the AWP Conference 2016 in Houston, we re-focused the event to more closely align with the project owner’s challenges and priorities around Advanced Work Packaging implementation. The official theme statement was: AWP, an Owner-Driven Initiative for all Capital and Sustaining Projects. Through interviews with project owners, we identified key areas of concern and asked that our speakers from the EPC, engineering, constructor and supplier companies that support them address those areas in their presentations. The result was – as always – a great deal of quality, usable information.

 In 2017, we continue the to move the AWP body of knowledge forward, with thought leadership targeted to owner priorities and challenges. 

What to Expect at AWP Conference 2017