The roots of Advanced Work Packaging

Where we've been, where we're going

What is Advanced Work Packaging (and WorkFace Planning)?

AWP & WFP is a combined body of knowledge and series of best practices focused on productivity, predictability and quality improvement in large-scale industrial and commercial construction projects. Essentially, this is a modern construction project planning and management system that is proven to increase results significantly.

 Advanced Work Packaging Background

The launch of the WorkFace Planning model…

In 2006, The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) launched WorkFace Planning, a model for better planning and execution. Since then, many projects have designed and implemented WFP systems and have reaped the benefits in efficiency, quality and safety.

The first WorkFace Planning conference…

In 2009, COAA and Group ASI partnered to deliver the first-ever WFP Conference. The purpose of this inaugural event was to provide a meeting place for WFP practitioners and developers to share knowledge and discover new methods and technologies to advance the model. The WFP Conference was repeated annually through 2013, growing significantly in both attendance and content each year.

The launch of Advanced Work Packaging…

At the WFP Conference 2013, the Advanced Work Packaging model was announced. The AWP model is the result of a joint research initiative between COAA and the Construction Industry Institute (CII) out of Austin, Texas. AWP was developed with the same outcomes in mind as the WFP model, but is much broader in scope, taking into consideration more detail at the front-end planning phase and including WorkFace Planning as a model within a model, most relevant to the construction execution phase.

Where we are today…

In 2015, we proudly announced the official North American launch of Advanced Work Packaging as an official CII Best Practice at our seventh-annual conference. To put this announcement in context, CII has only recognized 10 best practices in the past 30 years, and it normally takes more than 10 years to be recognized. Advanced Work Packaging did it in 6 years. Its official: AWP works.

Come to the AWP Conference – a unique, one-of-a-kind event that brings together industry-leading project owners and project management experts for two days of paradigm-shifting presentations, in-depth discussions, exciting tradeshow exhibits and rare professional networking opportunities. Learn what the industry leaders are doing in AWP & WFP.